Bibiche and Guinness in Vermont

Congratulations to Bibiche and Guinness for their great performances at the "Hunting Test" that took place in Vermont during the week-end of June 23-24. Bibiche confirmed her "NAHRA Hunting Retriever" with a 5th title and Guinness was awarded 2 medals at her first hunting competition... Bravo Bibiche, Guinness and Jacques Cyr.

2011 CKC Top Barbets


                                                                          BB    G1    G2    G3    G4          BIS

Barbet in Agility

Here is a video of TreeBeard's Goldeneye, known as Monty, running an agility course at class.  Monty is owned by Anne Poels.  Anne and Monty have been taking agility classes for several months now. You can see the fun that Monty is having at this activity, in this video a trainer is running Monty through the course.Tom Hickey and TreeBeard's Gilgamesh (called Raven) are also part of these classes, they are waiting in the sidelines for their turn.

Club Barbet Canada 2013 calendar contest

Club Barbet Canada 2013 calendar contest is now open. All Club Barbet Canada members will be able to submit their pictures before July 31st. 2012. For more details...

All About Pets Show 2012

Club Barbet Canada was present at the "All About Pets Show" in Toronto on Easter week-end. Thanks Florence, Pam and Stephanie for all your efforts during this event, the breed and the Club were well represented.

Club Barbet Canada at the CKC's Purina National

 Read the article about the 2012 Purina National written by Stephanie Dixon

Purina National 2012

 On March 10 in Toronto at the Purina National, Club Barbet Canada 3rd Booster took place at the most prestigious canine event in Canada. A wonderful time was had by all at the International Center with Barbets coming from Quebec, Ontario and the USA. Many thanks to all the participants...the Barbet rocked all week-end with the great crowd and the CKC was pleased with the large entry.

One of a Kind at the Purina National in Toronto

The Barbets in the Toronto Star

Michel Raymond, a barbet breeder in Québec and Chocovan made headlines in the Toronto Star on Sunday morning March 11. You can read about the article and photos.

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All Breed Sanction Match on February 19, 2012