Purina National 2012

 On March 10 in Toronto at the Purina National, Club Barbet Canada 3rd Booster took place at the most prestigious canine event in Canada. A wonderful time was had by all at the International Center with Barbets coming from Quebec, Ontario and the USA. Many thanks to all the participants...the Barbet rocked all week-end with the great crowd and the CKC was pleased with the large entry.

One of a Kind at the Purina National in Toronto

The Barbets in the Toronto Star

Michel Raymond, a barbet breeder in Québec and Chocovan made headlines in the Toronto Star on Sunday morning March 11. You can read about the article and photos.

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All Breed Sanction Match on February 19, 2012

Purina National


Club Barbet Canada will be present at the "Purina National" on March 9 to 11, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, The Club will have a booth the whole week-end, stop by to meet and greet the Barbet. A booster will also be presented by the Club on saturday March 10. The judge will be Mr.Edgar Bajona from British Columbia. Come and join us for this great celebration of the breed.

All Breed Sanction Match on February 19, 2012

Club Barbet Canada and l'Association Canine de la Mauricie are organising an All Breed Sanction Match in conformation on Sunday February 19th. 2012 at the Centre Commercial Trois-Rivières ouest, on blvd. des Récollets in Trois-Rivières. Sanction Match held under CKC rules. Judges will be Sharon Luckhart, Mark grant, Claude Charron

First National Specialty 2012

Club Barbet Canada's first National Specialty will take place the week-end of August 24-26 at the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Dog Association All Breed Show in Long Sault, Ontario. 
The Club's goal is to have a National Specialty that will appeal to all Barbet owners and breeders. We wish to promote and showcase the conformation, the versatility and natural ability of this marvelous breed. Join us for a fun filled week-end celebrating the Barbet.

Canuck Dogs Top Barbets in Canada for 2011

Canuck Dogs Top Barbets in Canada for 2011. Congratulations to the owners, breeders and handlers. rankings... and pictures

Breeders Committee

Heath Kenyon, director for Prairies and Chair of the Breeders Committee, is asking that any breeder member who would be interested in joining the committee, submit their interest to him ( heath.kenyon@gmail.com )
The committee is also asking that any member interested in making suggestions for issues to be discussed by the committee be forwarded to Heath at the above e-mail address.

Caledon Breed Seminar and "Breeder's Classic"

On November 27, a breed seminar for the Barbet was presented by Florence Erwin from Club Barbet Canada.
It was a small and intimate group that consisted of a few judges and several new breeders. Three dogs were presented. It was explained that there was no perfect dog and the participants were showned what the faults were on the dogs presented. There was a great question and answer period with a good session with the judges being able to have their hands on the dogs.

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