Canuck Dogs Top Barbets in Canada for 2011

Canuck Dogs Top Barbets in Canada for 2011. Congratulations to the owners, breeders and handlers. rankings... and pictures

Breeders Committee

Heath Kenyon, director for Prairies and Chair of the Breeders Committee, is asking that any breeder member who would be interested in joining the committee, submit their interest to him ( )
The committee is also asking that any member interested in making suggestions for issues to be discussed by the committee be forwarded to Heath at the above e-mail address.

Caledon Breed Seminar and "Breeder's Classic"

On November 27, a breed seminar for the Barbet was presented by Florence Erwin from Club Barbet Canada.
It was a small and intimate group that consisted of a few judges and several new breeders. Three dogs were presented. It was explained that there was no perfect dog and the participants were showned what the faults were on the dogs presented. There was a great question and answer period with a good session with the judges being able to have their hands on the dogs.

Barbets in the USA

A member of Club Barbet Canada was present at the AKC "Meet the Breed" event in New York city. Claire(Ch Neigenuveaux's Ermagarde) and her owner Judy McMaster Descutner were there along with Tracey and Tug to answer the many questions from the enormous crowd present during the two days of this AKC sponsored event. Judy and Claire were also on television in New Jersey' News 12  "The Pet Stop" on November 9.

Club Barbet Canada at Olympic Stadium

Club Barbet Canada was present at the United Kennel Club dog show that was held november 4-5-6. The Club's banner was at the Cour Ailée-Rexbelgicus booth during the Salon National des Animaux de Compagnies.

Annual Gathering,October 1st 2011

The Annual gathering of Club Barbet Canada took place October 1st in St-Antoine-Abbé at Anne-Isabelle Maassen's place. Lots of fun and activities took place. A big thank you to Anne-Isabelle.


The Barbet at "Pick A Puppy"

The Barbet will be featured on television at "Pick a Puppy" on the CMT channel. Pam Headon's Barbets (Bayport Reg) will be the stars on October 17th 2011 at 6:00 PM. A very nice exposure of our breed on TV.


Roi de Thulé puppies at CBC Radio 1

 A nice picture of Carole Bouthillette and her puppies on the Facebook page of CBC Radio1

2012 Club Barbet Canada Calendar

 Club Barbet Canada 2012 calendar is now available. 

The calendar will also be available at the SNAC of Montreal on November 5-6 at the Olympic Stadium at the Cour Ailée booth.

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2011 CFC new Champions

During the week-end of September 10-11 at the show of the Canine Federation of Canada(CFC) that took place in St-Louis, Qc. BarbuGaulois Daragon(Dougy) and BarbuGaulois DolceVita(Olive) became new CFC Champions. Both also got a Group 8 first place on saturday. Judgements were done with written critiques with FCI rules.

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