CHIC Database


Club Barbet Canada in cooperation with the Barbet Club of America have joined the AKC Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) program. CHIC has established a centralized canine health database that is maintained in a secure environment by qualified staff at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or OFA.
This event marks a milestone for the breed in
North America. This open database will provide reliable, documented health information to owners and breeders of Barbets and will supply scientists with information that will support research into canine disease.

Based on the analysis of health databases worldwide as well as reports generated by OFA and CERF, Club Barbet Canada’s Health and Genetics Committee feels strongly that the breed specific requirements as set forth below are straight forward and reflective of the data that has already been collected on our breed.  As health priorities within our breed change, as more data is collected and as new tests become available, the requirements for a CHIC number can be modified and updated. Many thanks to Stephanie Dixon (Chair Health & Genetics committee)  and our American members Judy Descutner  and  Doris Newkirk.